​​​​​​North Gwinnett Middle School

Week of January 28th

The rallying cry of "Never Forget" from the Holocaust Remembrance Movement is more important now than ever before.  
A recent survey indicates that many Americans lack basic knowledge of what happened over 70 years ago during one of the world's most evil periods in history. 

Week of January 21st

"Start Saving Now to Experience the Wonders of Compounding Interest"
You don't have to be a genius or lucky to make a million dollars- you just need time and discipline to harness the power of compounding interest.  This week's AOW will explain the 8th wonder of the world- compounding interest- and how to make it work for you. 

Week of January 14th

"Bringing Home the Bacon"
Do idioms and figures of speech referencing animals need to be eliminated from our speech?  PETA has a plan. 

Week of January 7th

“Girl, 9, Asks Steph Curry Why His Sneakers Don’t come in girl’s sizes. He Promised a Fix”
Need proof that social media can be used for good? Look no further than this example of a young basketball player who used social media to push for equality in the availability of Steph Curry's "Curry 5" sneakers.

Week of December 10th

"George H.W. Bush: Former President, War Hero and Humanitarian Dies at 94"
George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, passed away at the age of 94 on Friday, November 30th. This week's article features a biographical account of his life both in and out of the White House as well as the transcript of his son George W. Bush's eulogy that was delivered at the funeral service. As the first presidential death since 2006, this event is the first of its kind to happen during the lifetimes of most of our middle school students.

Week of December 3rd

"Grandmother Preserves One of U.S. History's Greatest Tragedies for Her Grandson"
A Tennessee library has on display an original newspaper article published in the immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination. The newspaper was collected by a woman who felt a strong impact from the tragedy and who then decided to pass the newspaper along to her grandson. This week's article launches a discussion of historical events and the impact they have on our lives as well as how to preserve information in digital and print formats. 

Week of November 26th

"Australia Bans Tourists from Climbing Uluru, Which Is Sacred to Aboriginals"
Uluru (or Ayers Rock) is a large sandstone formation found in the Northern Territory of Australia. The spot is a popular tourist destination for hikers but a sacred landform for the native people of Australia, the Aborigines. Recently, a decision was made to prohibit hikers beginning in October 2019. 

Week of November 12th

Are you familiar with the origin of Daylight Savings Time? Did you know some areas choose not to observe time changes? This week's article provides an overview of Daylight Savings Time and recent objections to observing the "spring forward" and "fall back" of time.

Week of November 5th
Akron, Ohio's public schools have a major problem; its at-risk students are falling well behind the rest of the K-12 population in the classroom. The question the district faces now is whether LeBron James can fix that with the introduction of a new-concept public school that focuses on family, community, students, and teachers.

Week of October 29th
Imagine the dizziness of whipping around the curves of a race track or feeling the pounding heartbeat of a baseball player during the World Series. With virtual reality, these simulated experiences may arrive sooner than you expect. Read this week's article to see how virtual reality may impact players and fans in the future. 

Week of October 22nd

Need a quick answer? Interested in the weather? Ready to share a photo with friends? These daily activities involve cell phones and are a constant in the lives of children, teens, and adults. One school district in France decided to address the issue through the gradual elimination of cell phones at school. Hear from parents, teachers, and students as they share how they adapted to this new rule.

Week of October 15th

The hiring of tutors is common when students are falling behind in academic work. Coaches or personal trainers are hired when athletes need to develop a specific skill. But what happens when kids need extra help to win video games? Parents, this week students will discuss each Article of the Week during Language Arts classes. We encourage you to continue the discussion with your children at home.

Week of October 9th
A Lego Wheelchair Is Helping This Injured Turtle Heal at the Maryland Zoo
Scientists needed to get creative when working with a recently-injured box turtle at the Maryland Zoo. Discover how the design process unfolded from brainstorm to draft to construction!