​​​​​​North Gwinnett Middle School

The Yearbook Order Center is open!  To buy a yearbook, go to www.yearbookordercenter.com.  Enter our school code (10646) or look for North Gwinnett Middle School.  Click on Buy a Yearbook / Yearbook Package, then follow the prompts to locate your name and place your order!  Packages start at $30.  Order now to avoid a $5 price increase in December!  See Ms. Barnum (Connections hall or dannica_a_barnum@gwinnett.k12.ga.us)  if you have questions.

Yearbook Order Center Link

We are again offering 8th grade TRIBUTE AD orders for our 2018-19 yearbook!  You design and pay for the ad online at www.YearbookOrderCenter.com.  Four options are available:

  • Full page = $175
  • 1/2 page = $100
  • 1/4 page = $60
  • 1/8 page = $35

Ads can be submitted now; the final day is Wednesday, October 31.  We don't want to leave anyone out, so create your tribute ad today!  
See Ms. Barnum (Art Room in Connections hall or dannica_a_barnum@gwinnett.k12.ga.us) if you have questions.
**Please note:  Once submitted, an ad cannot be changed.**